Slow Restore from DropBox Backup

@Support - I foolishly trashed my Ubuntu server running Roon Core 1.3 this morning. My bad.

I’ve cleaned down the box and installed a fresh 16.04 LTS Ubuntu Server and installed Roon. All good.

I decided to restore from one of my DropBox backups. 4 hours in and it’s still only 35% through restoring. Is that normal?

Given there’s no media in the backup, and nothing else using my internet connection, what could be taking so long?


The Dropbox API isn’t as fast as we might like. Not much we can do about that, sadly.

You can also use their app and another machine to sync to a local folder, and then restore that.


I tried them both and the local option is much, much faster. 5 minutes vs 6 hours and counting.

There should be a warning in the UI. In my case daily backups are not possible with Dropbox as the backup takes more than one day. I wonderd, why my backups don’t finish until I realized that a running backup will be canceled if it is slower than the backup interval.

Maybe there are better/faster services than DropBox like OneDrive, Box, Nextcloud or Seafile to include into Roon. I really like the way to store backups on a cloud drive without having a local copy.