Slow search since last update

Since the last update the search in Roon is terrible slow, sometimes comes “there is a problem with your Roon Core” and I have to start the search again. (But then working)

I have a NUC10 with the following specs:
i7 CPU (6 physical cores, 12 threads up to 4,7GhZ)
512GB NVME SSD as system disc
2TB SSD (S-ATA) as internal storage
1GB LAN connection (cabled) to my router, less than 3 meters cable

This can’t be a hardware performance problem, I guess.
Anybody else facing this?


I don’t get errors, but the search is slower and sometimes it doesn’t return any results (I have to search a second time for it to return results).


Yes it’s recently been occasionally slow (off and on) for many, discussed in this thread:

Exactly as I face it. Sometimes so slow that a time out appears somthat I receive the error, I guess.

My library is far away to struggle my hardware.
15000 tracks.

Search is mostly in the cloud, so local track number probably doesn’t have much impact. Occasionally there’s the “can’t connect to search” error as well. Probably something going on on Roon servers. See the linked thread.

I guess it is on the side of Roon.
Locally I have a hardware overkill, Internet connection is speedy and ok…and it was not before the last update the case.
Search was more or less instantly…

So I’m not alone, let’s wait for a fix.

In recent days I’ve had some searches that were quick, the next one five seconds later was slow, the next one showed just the error, and then it was ok again :man_shrugging: Let’s hope it won’t take too long …

Been really slow for me too.

Also seeing slowness in search. 5-10 seconds to return results for many of my searches which is pretty annoying honestly.

Good to know I’m not alone in my perception.

Yep, noticeably slow for me as well.

Yes - slow here too. Just searched for “Miles” and it took 10 secs to return anything - a lot longer than it used to take

If you search for “Kilos” it should take 1.6 time faster.


Oh dear - that took me a moment. Thanks for the laughter on a wild and windy morning

Everyone is checking if search is slow :wink:

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I am also experiencing slow search… really annoying.

Anyone else noticing search results are really slow this past week? I have tidal not sure if thats the problem.

Usual now for me but Friday was dead slow

Decent speed today

I noticed same thing.
But my stability has been great.