Slowest musical composition

Dropouts not counted -


Hardly Music as I see it… still, each to their own, is it on Tidal?

Depends on what you sense of time is. :smirk:


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Try hearing it instead :wink: Seriously though am considering attending the next chord change in Feb 2022…


What’s the slowest piece of music available on Tidal?

This sounds like the set up for a joke :wink:

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I want to play it backwards. From the end.

Then there’s Longplayer - a musical piece that will last a thousand years…

If you’re serious in this quest here’s some help narrowing the field:

Longest and slowest are separate concepts, though I’d agree that slow usually needs more time.

I wasn’t aware John Cage was up to more antics :slight_smile: At least this has some musical sounds compared to his′33″ “for any ensemble or number of players” :slight_smile:

His antics have been fairly restricted these last 28 years :wink:


His antics outlive him :wink:

It appears they’ll outlive all of us ABW…

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Hope they are recording this. 24/384 of course. The good news is, the sound changes very little, so FLAC should compress to a very manageable size. Hopefully one my descendants will buy the recording in the year 2640. Of course, it will be remastered to the latest format of the time :slight_smile: And downloaded directly to the implant in his/her brain.

Time is an illusion lunch time doubly so …

HHG :sweat_smile:

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Only the eternal Now is real. Everything is always already happening.

Holy Hand Grenade?

Hitchhiker’s Guide (to the Galaxy)

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Sign of an academic background, HHG is required reading :sweat_smile:

I even lived in Brentwood, Essex where Douglas Adams taught and wrote the book

Joking aside well worth the read, it’s a hoot …

Huh? Yeah, I read all in the series. Many,many years ago.

Wonder how it ages.


I remember the radio drama when it first came out, it was a radio drama before a book. It’s a must listen as well as a must read.

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