Sluggish performance when searching meta data, adding albums, favoriting artist etc

UPDATE: When the iPhone Roon remote becomes unusable (Albums don’t load, error loading page, music track selected but doesn’t play until delay of 30 to 60 seconds) I walk into my office and close Roon Core on iMac and wait 60 seconds and then re-open Roon and go back to iPhone Roon Remote and it works well for awhile. Then after 15 minutes or so I need to go back to iMac Core close Roon and then reopen for normal function to return to iPhone or iPad Roon Remotes.

This led me to believe that I am having some sort of a Memory leak or CPU performance problem. I ran Activity and The CPU performance is excellent. The Memory approaches 6.7 GB Ram and my system has only 8 GB Ram. No Swap is happening yet.

So I have tried to force the issue: I ran three zones with aggressive searching, adding albums etc. and noticed that the Memory approaches near 8GB (7.30 ish) but doesn’t go over and does not swap but all remotes not on the core IMAC go sluggish, spinning, delaying, error loading, basically just do not function.

What all this means I don’t really know?

I suppose I need to get a dedicated device such as a Mac mini and spec it up to 16GB of Ram. My fear is that this problem will cointue as it may not be a RAM problem at all. After all no memory swap to SSD is happening which leads me to believe the RAM I have should be sufficient.

I read about so many that have NO issues and are happy which leads me to believe this state of bliss should be possible but I am clearly missing something here?

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