Small Folder Question

I am moving my music from an old NAS to a new ROCK internal. I have read the webpage, but one question remains. My individual music folders are in a root directory called Roon. Do I just drag the Roon folder to the NUC’s Storage folder, or do I grab the mass of music folders and pull them over?

This could be one of those errors that take hours to fix, so pardon the dumb, cautious question, and thanks for any advice.

I am rebuilding my NUC right now and I have a second internal storage SSD in my machine. I copied all my files over to it as shown here:

You could drag your “Roon” folder over but I think that might be confusing so what I have done on my Roon servers is to label the folder Music or something. Since the system has this nice “InternalStorage” folder I thought that was good enough.

I hope this helps.



I’d start here:

If I had it to do over again. I would take a little more time and copy say ten or fifteen artist folders at a time. Let ROON scan it and then take look to see if anything is missing. Fix any issues. Then repeat until all folders are moved to ROCK.

Yes, I know this us a little more work initially, but as it was is had to “search and repair” to find missing albums which took a lot if time. Just a suggestion, you can just drag and drop all of it at once if you choose.

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