Smallest Roon Arc device

I just got a Sony Walkman NW-A306. It runs Roon arc and is very small. its the size of a swan match box :slight_smile: Are there any other small DAPS that work ?

If it runs Android 9 and has the AppStore then it should without problems. Lots of small ones tend to have bespoke Linux os and not Android.

So based on how fast Roon ARC runs down a battery, you should be able to get at least 30 seconds of playing time. :rofl:

All Roons apps are battery and memory hogs, it’s a feature.


Its not too bad actualy, I get about 4 hours out of it if I pigy back it on my mobils hot spot when I out. SQ is not the best though. Base bleeds into the mids a bit. Im using A64’s u12t’s which normaly make anything sound good but they strugle with the Walkman. Sham realy, with such a long batery life (normaly with other apps) it had promise.

The reviews of it have not been great especially for sound. Just over a £100 and you could get the Fiio M11s.

Yes, for convinience it is OK but the SQ even with all the EQ options not brilient. Its been religated to audio books for me. I havent heard the M11 but I do have the fiio btr7 which I use for straming roon ark from my mobile and that sounds good. It dosent kill the battery ether and I get around six hours play time. which puts my mobile on 50% and flatens the BTR7. But both are quick to charg ether wierlessly or usb c.

I have the M11 Plus it’s fantastic. Sounds great is fully Roon Ready which has made it my primary listening device. It’s a lot bigger than the Sony mind.

Yes and FIIO are making so much mor effert than A&K and Sony to keep stuff working and up to date. I would lov to get an M11 plus but I think I might have blown my budget for the year :slight_smile: I suspect the M11 has the CPU grunt to make it work too. Mybe next year.

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I know that feeling too well. Will be a new model by then.

I’ll just leave this here for you to think about :slight_smile: