Smart Playlists By Criteria

I would like to have smart playlists, to create playlists by some criteria like bitrate, dsd, filetype, bit depth, genre, jazz.

I use bookmarks to do what you are requesting. I have a DSD/Jazz bookmark. I just use that bookmark to get to all my Jazz DSD album and then hit play and it plays them all, or shuffle and it shuffles them all.

How do you use bookmarks with OR logic, Daniel, e.g. “Classical Jazz” or “Concertos”?

I am new to Roon, but using Roon bookmarking is what appears to me a manual process of selecting and adding the items to a specific bookmark.

And with a large library this could be very time consuming, a smart playlist or smart bookmark creation criteria could simplify personal organisation with rules.

If extension is DSF then add to playlist or bookmark X

For example create a playlist or smart bookmark with all 1 bit processing, and another with all 24bit albums, and other with 16bit albums, or type of file FLAC, or AIFF.

I did not find in Roon an option to make this.

Bookmarks are dynamic. This means that if you create a Bookmark for all your current DSF albums (using Focus/Format), then if you add further DSF albums in the future, they will automatically be included in the Bookmark. Is this what you meant by “If extension is DSF then add to bookmark X”?

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Thanks, I found it, sorry it is a a new user interface for me and I should explore more.

It was a fantastic help.

Hi John. I don’t, for that I use nested tags. Create tags for classical jazz and concertos then add both of those tags to a new tag. Tags are dynamic like bookmarks.