Smart tags is it possible?

I like tags that’s great.
One of my tags is SACD and I add my sacd rips to it

However I noticed today that when I added a new rip to my library I had to tag it .

It would be great if a smart tag system was possible. When you create a tag with specific filters, is it possible for roon to monitor that and tag newly added files if they meet the criteria.

Is such a feature on the roadmap? or being considered?

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Is an alterrnative to use Bookmarks instead? I believe Bookmarks are dynamic. I use it to identify my high res files and DSD files so its very similar to what you are trying to achieve.

Do you add the files as DSD or converted to flac? If it’s DSD, you can use the “Focus” feature to only show DSD files and then bookmark that focus, like @tboooe suggested. Works really well and doesn’t require manual tagging.

I appreciate the help and thank you. Yes i know there are many other alternatives to what i asked to do. And this is not an issue.
For instance When i am using my computer i dont open the command window and enter delete command to delete a file. I just drag it to the trash or roght click to delete. Just that there is another way to solve a problem doesnt mean that i like to do it that way.
But if i think it that way one may state that there was no need for the tag feature to be added in roon in the first place.

Howeever it is there and i am happy about it. But i wanted to be smart (or dynamic) because imho it will be more ergonomic for me. Just a minor reasonable feature request to be added in future releases if the develepors also think likewise.

Yeah, we planned to do this for 1.3 and it didn’t fit into the schedule. It’s coming.


Hi @brian I wonder what has happened to this feature request. As the original post I use both bookmarks and tags, but by far prefer the way tags are available in the side bar and the way they display as collections rather than a boring list that disappears off the screen and I have to keep scrolling and squinting to see what bookmark I want. I would love to be able to create smart tags that pick up new albums that fit the criteria I select. TBH it could replace bookmarks as far as I’m concerned - having both seems to split the task needlessly. Here’s hoping it might still be in the works.