Smetana Ma Vlast, mixed album infos

The Infos to this album: DECCA 000028943165228, Smetana, Ma Vlast, James Levine, Wiener Philharmoniker shows as a mix of that title and one by Jiri Belohlavek. The Roon-description is from a third album conducted by Libor Pesek.

There is a list page for the Ma Vlast, but this is also of poor quality:
In the teaser-picture of the list, you can see the the newest Album by Jiri Belohlavek (Decca, 002785902 ) in the first spot, but it is not in the list of performances. Neither is the James Levine recording mentioned above. The Belohlavek recording from 1986 is mentioned with Kubelik as conductor - as are several other recordings.
There are three Albums by Kubelik, all with the same cover, same year of recording, same orchestra, but different playing times.
Thats only some of the problems with that list…