Smith vs Steve Smith?

this is completely wrong

-Vital tech tones is the name of the album, but not the name of an artist.
-Wooten in the primary artists is Victor Wooten, as in the album artist
-Smith should be Steve Smith, but the link point to a band named Smith:

To fix all of this, select all the tracks, click Edit (it appears on the top right of my machine), and access Remove Credits. There you are likely to find a lot of goo. “Smith” , not “Steve Smith” will be a Primary Artist. You might find a Primary Artist that is a concatenation of all three, e.g. “Scott Henderson/Steve Smith/Victor Wooten”. And, I’m guessing “Vital Tech Tones” will also show as a PA.

I would remove these credits (one or two clicks in Roon), then Add “Steve Smith” as a Primary Artist, “Scott Henderson” as another Primary Artist, and “Victor Wooten”. Again, all of this should be done at track level.

Once the track tags are in good shape, go to the Album Edits. Review the Primary Artists there and add or remove as appropriate. You should wind up with three primary artists each with one guys’ name.

THEN, edit the text of the Album Artist to EXACTLY mimic the three artists’ names. It should close to this:
“Scott Henderson / Steve Smith / Victor Wooten”.

This problem is mostly the fault of the tags. Roon is constantly evolving the “fuzzy logic” needed, but it can only guess or infer so much.

Good luck.