Smooth Jazz Suggestions


I have a bit of Smooth Jazz , as categorized by Roon. I am looking to expand that area.

What I am looking for is “cooking”, “drink on the patio” slow smooth background

This is my current list of Artist


I know there are loads of Jazz aficionados out there , please can you suggest any other artists for my perusal.

I have a Tidal Hi Fi subscription

Thanks In Advance


Hi Mike,
My go to dinner jazz album is Neighbourhood by Manu Katché. Use this as a starting point and Roon will suggest alternatives.

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In spite of what the tags say, these will fit the smooth jazz genre -

Then again, all my jazz listening of late, if it wasn’t sax, has been avant garde and free improv. Maybe the above just sound smooth by comparison.

I keep recommending this, but I guess I stand alone.
As far from smooth as possible. As rough and unruly as it comes -


Check out the Kool&Klean volumes

Thank you sir. This is indeed great.

Also give Streetwize albums a try and see if you fancy them. A mixture of Soul and Jazz and Instrumentals for some R&Bs

Thanks , listening as we speak, even mqa hi res