Smooth Radio UK Does Not Play

I have added Smooth Radio URL Streamer from TuneIn,aac
but it says “Failed to Load Track”.
Other radio stations work fine.

Is this the same station that is already in the database as
Smooth UK?

There seem to be some regional variations.

We can’t use Tune in Streams

A user can in My Live Radio.

Notwithstanding that, I can usually get the underlying streams.

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The Smooth UK in the dbase is their Nottingham Region and works fine. As you say there are several regional variations which are available in TuneIn. My example is their London stream. I use a TuneIn stream URL for BBC Radio Solent which works in Roon. The format of the URL is identical to Smooth only the ID differs of course. I am just baffled why the Smooth TuneIn URLs don’t work.

Apart from TuneIn are the streaming URLs available elsewhere.

You need to use the link from the main tunein site when you’ve selected a station. So for Smooth use

Or for South London

The URLs aren’t available in an easily accessible form - I
use devious methods…

I’ll add the London one to the main database sometime today

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I have as the link in the description field and,aac is the associated URL stream

Ahh, I see the problem. I added the tunein url to see if it would add and it did. However, I didn’t try and play it. As you’ve discovered it won’t play. That associated stream url is actually a playlist and extracting the referenced streams and trying them explicitly results in Roon stumbling over them.

Sometimes Roon won’t play some streams and I don’t know why. I let the devs know about these and I’ll add this one to their queue.

In the meantime, I have found some working streams and you should now find
Smooth Radio London
in the database.

Sorry for the trouble

OK. Many thanks for your help.

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