sMS-200ultra Neo As Roon Core?

As it says
I want to replace my Mac mini Late 2012 Runs as Roon Core/Server with the sMS-200ultra Neo.Files are Stored on an USB Drive

It should feed the Mytek DaC +

You cannot run the Roon Core on that device. That device is an end point. Not a Core Server.

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Absolutely have to use a PC of some type to host Roon Core on.

That’s not exactly the case unless you consider a NAS as a PC of some type. I don’t.

A Nas is a computer with lots of additional storage how ever you look at it. They run software and have an underlying Linux operating system. They just have a user friendly gui.


As I said…a PC of some type…even a Pi is a PC of sorts…

6Moons review says:

The computer engine of the SMS-200ultra is a dual-core AMD chip augmented by 2GB of DDR3

It’s an interesting thought - Whether you could get Roon to load onto to it :woman_shrugging:t2:
It has two USB ports - one for OS, other for files, maybe :woman_shrugging:t2:

You can certainly reflash it from USB (I had to once, when a firmware update failed)

But it begs the question why? It’s about the same price as a cheap PC and you’d presumably lose the Roon end point (unless the Mytek gives you that?)

Have to love this forum. If I posted that the sky is blue someone or many someones would post that it’s not. You can’t run the Core on an underpowered machine. You can tow a boat with a VW Beetle but you probably should not.

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Well, when you say a NAS is not a PC of some kind you are going to get called out because that is exactly what a NAS is….