So Many Updates Windows

Now I remember why I went to Macs.Why so many updates on windows computers.I think I will go on a vacation while it updates.Geeez

Why run Windows?

Changed to a more powerful computer to use DSD256 with hqplayer.Was using a mini to do DSD128 but had to crank fans up to 5500 to keep it from burning up.

Try Arch Linux on same machine … HQPlayer does Linux too afaik.

HQP does have a Linux version but the embedded version doesn’t support Roon, meaning you need to load a gui to use the desktop version.

Loading a basic Linux on the MacMini to run RoonServer headless and loading HQP on the Xeon Jason mentioned in this other thread sounds like a pretty interesting architecture to me.

Of course, then you’ll probably want to load a gui onto the Xeon, so you could still be updating Windows there …

Glad I have my I Mac for everyday use.Only have had windows computer for 8 hours and want to toss it out the window.Evening of updates what fun.

Should be simple enough for HQP’s dev’s to create a headless version for Linux. I imagine there’d be some demand building as some choose to go headless Roon Core for Linux on a dedicated server.

As new to windows should I upgrade to windows 10 from 8.1.Computer is only being used just for hqplayer and Roon ?

Yes, Windows 10 is faster, solid stable and you are prepared for the future.

On the other hand 8.1 has been thoroughly tested and used and works. As you may have guessed, I haven’t upgraded my desktop machine yet. It’s all I can do to be reconciled with my past let alone prepared for the future.

Not mandatory if you use it only for music, however as was pointed out Win 10 is better / faster. I did the upgrade a couple of months ago and it was absolutely glitch-free (took a while though).
As far as your general comment on why so many updates, IMO it relates to the fact that you just changed / bought the Windows machine. After a couple of days the pace of those multiple updates should considerably slow down.
Resource management is also better with Win 10 - ie I have the update system totally automatic on a music dedicated machine and I don’t even notice that updates are being processed.

Right - I only pick up about 1-2 changes / month on my Windows 10 VM.