So what's up next?

Cloud backup?
HQPlayer or other DSP enhancements?
More gestures or interface tweaks?

Not looking for timescales or nailing anyone down to definitive updates. There is so much in the melting point, it would be interesting to know where we might be heading next. You guys are doing a sterling job with Roon so it is not meant as any pressure pad either.


I’m guessing RoonSpeakers.

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I really hope for a 64bit Windows Version.

The order I’d like to see is:

  1. RoonSpeakers
  2. HQ Player integration
  3. Internet Radio

I’d like to see

  1. DSD .ISO support
  2. Roon Speakers
  3. HQ Player
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I’d like to see:

Improved metadata matching.
Improved metadata editing.
Improved metadata capture from Sooloos library.
Cloud backup.
Roon Speakers.
Multi-channel support.

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Internet Radio - almost anything will do :relaxed:

Backup (local, network share)
MQA & …

Hmm. I think they need to go for Bug Fixes and Stabilization as well as some utility function before launching RoonSpeakers.

I would like to see:

  1. Database Backup and Restore Feature (not cloud because some of the Roon databases can get large and not everyone has unlimited bandwidth)
  2. Bug Fixes, including Android Tablet playback
  3. Meta Data Improvements (Matching, Editing)
  4. 64 bit Version Windows (Needed for large libraries)
  5. Roon Speakers

Headless server for Linux…64 bit of course.
Metadata matching
Metadata editing
Support for discsubtitle

Then those of us using Linux are at least on the playing field.

I would like to see:

Tags and Playlist labels available in all views of tracks and albums.

Expanded Album Art to include any booklets that came with the album as well as being able to view all sides of an Album cover.


Roonspeakers (raspberry pi, devialet expert, aurender)


Bug fix - blank screen after hibernate (OS X and iOS)

More intelligent Roon radio and include streaming services (doesn’t get it even vaguely close to what I last played - assume it uses genre tags at best)

Roon’light’ so can use the same interface at other locations for tidal or a very limited library.

Internet radio
3D flight simulator


I’ll chip in here too; I would like to see:

Improved album art capabilities (ability to view rear covers, liner notes, etc) and also with the ability to show the rear cover next to the front cover in the interface


Improved metadata handling; ability to tag items as album, box set, live album, bootleg, single/EP, compilation etc and group them by these categories on the artist pages

Loads more suggestions but these are my top two right now :slight_smile:

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More control of metadata and display choices

Without RoonSpeakers supported by hardware suppliers it is hard to see that Roon has a future. Not everyone can accept either AirPlay or a computer in the music space. DNLA/UPNP is has a lot of legacy support and works 3 days out of 5. It has no competition and people who want HiRes streaming without a remote computer have no other alternatives.
I think it is make-or-break for Roon and the clock is ticking.

64 bit Windows
Memory playback

Well OK, I hadn’t quite intended my thread opener to be a wish list, more a case of what members thought might be coming next. Or what is most important for the next update. But, hey, it’s good to have all reasonable hopes and wishes in one place, and there is a nice spread of potential goodies :wink:

Forgot to mention:

Ability to merge artists/composers

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What I’d like to see (in order of preference)

  1. DSD .iso support (in fact, any ISO support)
  2. cue support
  3. ape support (please, please!)

+1 for cue and ape support

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