Soekris DAM 1021 support for R2R DAC via I2S

I might try a RPI but technically it shouldn’t be different from the sparky. I was going to try the Kali too but decided on Ian’s boards as they are highly regarded. I’m not Concerned with DSD so hopefully I can get all this to play soon.

I have contacted Audio g-d to see if they will supply me with a HDMI module with UFL input connectors as I’m going on the assumption that the problem is with my diy connecting of it to the McDualXO.

Onwards :blush:
Thanks for your input.

I found out the LT3045 3.3v regulator powering my HDMI module was faulty. Have ordered a couple of new ones from Alexey at LDVOR. Also Audio g-d said they would be able to supply me with a customised HDMI module…

Been a while … has anyone made any progress with RPi and dam1021 yet with or without Ian’s DoP-dsd options.

I had a bit of an electrical disaster frying my dam output opamps and buffer resistors. I tried repairing but didn’t quite get it right…this was in a custom dac setup by Vinshine audio. So I bought a new dam board and put it in…still not working then I found another issue and fixed it so now I have a spare dam board, that I think is repaired…thinking to maybe resurrect this RPi to I2S to dam again.

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@Patrick_Bryson so any progress Patrick? I haven’t gathered enough time to retry mine yet, but I am tinkering with the idea to use a RPi as it has better ethernet support, tho if I use i2s probably dont need to worry as the USB will be unused.

@Henry_Larsen did you manage to get DSD working yet Henry?

@Artur did you get Ian’s module?

Things have moved on quite a bit so I suggest you look at the Allo USBridge signature. I have it on good authority this is significant development.
I went through a period with NUC Roon server and endpoints but then discovered this little gem, a modified simple SD card player with I2S output. It’s basic but overwhelmingly the best, most natural sound I have found to date.

PS Yes I did get my original Sparky/Dietpi/McDualXO/McFifo to work outputting I2S and used it for a while but its been superseded by other things I mentioned…

Thanks Patrick. I have an original sparky USBridge, and a kali,piano2.1 setup with Volt (not installed currently) so I’m familiar with the Allo kit.

Trying to find a way to redeploy my dam1021 that I repaired (hopefully) anyway enjoy your music…I find I. Doing that more than wanting to diy these days :blush:

Managed to get it working on a RPi 3b with just the 3 i2s lines and grounds connected. No 3v3 or other connections to the Soekris.

Now I’m trying to get it working with Ian Canada’s I2S isolator and DoP to DSD board…should be interesting. Also needs a couple of 5v supplies to add to the mix.

Nice work :slight_smile: ! It’s probably best to get the 3 I2S lines as short as you can… How does it sound?

Yes the wires are 150mm I think but today I found some 100mm ones so will try those with isolatorpi.

@spockfish done a feedback for you Harry, just to make sure there is no better HAT setting I could use and or see if there is any tweaking possible to get past 24/192 see 5d037060b8d206e1

There is no need to use isolator - all i2s inputs of DAM 1021 are galvanic isolated (SI8620BB)

There is if you want the dop to dsd conversion, but I have given up for now and just upswing with the 3b case over the top to give some cooling and shielding too

Made setup with a NanoPi NEO Plus2 + PSU from Meanwell, with USB to the Amanero, and then to I²S on the Soekris. This is playing DSF files to 352.8 kHz/ DXD level.


you are using the unbuffered line outputs for the RCA?

**Both balanced and RCA, I have a Preamp that can do both, so I can listen to the channels and hear no big difference.

Am I right in assuming the only way to get anything above 24/192 from Pi4 I2s>Soekris is by using the Amanero?

Sorry, totally new to Roon, trying it out as a different option to Moode.

That might be the best way

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I have used the Derone with Bravo chip SA9227, works fine with Linux and Roon, there are also drivers for Windows cost are then € 28 AliExpres.
Also possible with S/PDIF output, where I use it now.

Thanks bro, I got one to try, maybe will get it to do DSD which I haven’t got working on the rpi.