Software to (help) get me organsied?

A lot of tech savvy people here, hopefully some of you may be able to help with the following?

I’m not controlling and prioritising my tasks and time correctly in work and am wondering if any of you have found software that has helped with this.

I’m a pharmacist that has moved from the retail pharmacy environment to a pharmacy in a unit for people with intellectual disabilities. In the retail environment things are pretty linear dealing with tasks as they present themselves with a day put aside for related paperwork.

In my new role there are a certain amount of tasks have to be done repeating monthly and these are easy to organise within an Outlook calendar.

Where I’m having difficulty is that there are about 6 other areas I’m involved in that I find hard to keep track of and prioritise and so I’m finding there are some things I’m not getting to in time when things I could have let go for a little while are done.

So is there a software that would allow viewing tasks that will let them be categorised and prioritised that will allow me view them by category but also then see them all together if necessary by priority. Ideally if this could then include the timetabled repetitive tasks that I currently follow via Outlook.

Part of my issue is I have more tasks than time but I’m hoping to find some organisational software to help me and so create a little more time.
I have tried to use tasks in Outlook but this doesn’t seem to work for me.
I’d preferably like a windows solution but would be open to an iOS one.

It’s not a collaboration tool I’m looking for.

I presume there must be something like this out there?



I don’t use Outlook, but I do use Thunderbird and the calendar and task section of it has always worked for me.

Thanks Sloop. That new compound you made for me is working great.

Seriously, the Apple App Store has a app I used a few years ago named Daily Routine. It lets you set alarms, notifications, and priorities. Highly configurable. You might find others in the same app store genre. :relaxed:

The only other suggestion I can make is to create two “non-negotiable” time segments to your day. The first one is time set aside - as you become more familiar with task duration - to study and tweak your overall routine(s) . The second, is a time segment that begins early in the second half of the day to reprioritize what tasks remain to do that day.

I never seem to finish writing up each day’s to do list. Once I see the first 4-5 items, I tend to get started rather than think everything through and finish the list. Someone once told me that one should never have more than 3 items to do on any given day. (Thinking back, I believe that was a competitor.) My reach has always exceeded my grasp. :sunglasses:

Good luck and leave enough time to contribute to this forum. I always enjoy reading what you’re listening to and the hifi gear you are using/considering.


I’ve tinkered with the Cozi Family organizer, but I’m no expert with all of its features. Available through the Apple app store. Might be worth a look.

There are some applications available use the “Getting Things Done” concept. As I am using a Mac I really liked OmniFocus. There are other services like ToDo available that might be helpful.
Most important part with these kind of software is, to use it and update your project, as soon as you have (new) information about it.


You might want to havce a look at Todoist. I am using it in parallel to Outlook to organize my project tasks.

I use Wunderlist every day at work to organize the things I need to do. I have a list for ‘today’, ‘soon’ and ‘when I’ve time’. You can set due dates and reminders as well.
Very simple to use. Runs and syncs on Windows, mac, tablets and phones.

  • OneNote to keep things I need to remember.
    (All free!)

Unfortunately Wunderlist might be on the list of software that will be cancelled by Microsoft. It was acquired by Microsoft back in 2015, and recently the first preview of Microsoft’s version of Wunderlist appeared: Microsoft To-Do. Typical of Microsoft, To-Do is dumbed-down almost beyond belief, but that seems to be Microsoft’s modus operandi these days.

For Mac, iOS, Androiod there is Pocket Informant. It’s in the same class as ToDo, Wunderlist, etc.

Try Trello. It’s available on most platforms - I use it on Chromebook, phone and tablet.

It’s basically fancy post it notes, but that underplays it’s usefulness. I have one board with daily and weekly to do lists, together with three separate boards to record the tasks in work, home, and for a specific client.

Conceptually I’m following Steven Covey’s 7 Habits time management principles, using Trello

It’s also free and easy to use, so have a play and see what you think. You can pay for more functionality but I haven’t needed to yet.