Software to make a Roon endpoint on a Raspberry Pi 2b with Hifiberry Digi+ hat

Hi All, just found my old Raspberry Pi 2b and have an old Digi+ hat.

Now I’m looking for software to make this into a Roon endpoint. (wired ethernet, hooked up to DAC by optical cable).

Ropieee states it doesn’t support the Pi 2b anymore. Anyone have any ideas?


DietPi works well, as does RoPieee.

I have three Pi2’s with Hifiberry Digi+ pro and DAC using DietPi.
A Pi2 is a very capable streamer, works perfect.

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Ropieee has left the Pi2 behind, so that leaves DietPi and HifiBerryOS as the easy options.

And then there’s always the old-school option of manually installing RaspberryPI OS and RoonBridge.

I second Dietpi. Very easy if you just follow the instructions for headless and if using it wireless then have to just edit the dietpi.txt and dietpiwifi.txt file to include your wire less credentials prior to first boot. There is detailed instructions on dietpi site.

Thanks for the suggestions! I will look into diet pi and see if I can get it to work.

could try the good dr’s too

HiFiBerry states that the Pi 2 is untested (, so suggests a 3 or 4.

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Thanks, I actually have his Nuimo running on a pi 3. I think the 2 is under spec for Rooextend. Am trying to install dietpi now. If that fails I’ll give it a go anyway.

Thanks for the heads up. I think that makes dietpi the only viable option then.

Roon bridge is not available, since it is armv6. You can use squeezelite as roon endpoint. Dietpi or raspberry pi os.