Software to organize large (3tb) music library?

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I have all of my music files stored in my iTunes folder. This has generally worked fine with ROON. I find, however, that I have lots of duplicate music files; ROON misassigned album artwork; etc. Has anyone found software that is above average for organizing one’s music library? I’m not necessarily looking for “free” software. Suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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I had a similar problem.
I switched from iTunes to Roon. Importsettings set to ensure correct alignment during import.
as a renderer I use Antipodes EX with an Audio Note DAC.
Antipodes has an internal 8TB SSD.

I’m not sure what you are looking for in an organizer, but I use Media Monkey as an organizer. It can tag files (from a variety of sources and from your own system); finds duplicates, but requires the user to deal with them once found; will move/copy files using a mask; has regexp as an addon allowing the user to bulk modify file information (as dangerous as that can be); can import art and supports multiple art per album and different art for each track if that is appropriate; can sync files to iOs and Android devices (there’s also a specific app for Android). There is a new version - 5 - that is more graphically oriented, but I still prefer version 4 for managing a collection as I think a lot of that works better in text. I wouldn’t bother with roon if Media Monkey was better as a music player. Unfortunately, in developing version 5 (just about to finish beta) they spent little time working on the audio side of their program and more on the glitzy side such as spending many hours working on an integration with Google Music (just in time for Google to cancel Google Music). There is a free version of version 4, but it is, naturally, limited in some ways (I am not sure which as I have a paid version). I think the paid version is around $25 and if I understood a discussion recently, buying 4 now gets you a free upgrade to 5 (or maybe just a reduced price for 5).

My music files are on an external usb hard drive connected to my PC running Windows 10. Media Monkey tells me I have 64,066 files there (1.2TB), and it has no difficulty processing them. I know of others who have much larger collections in Media Monkey with no issues.

Some have had success with SongKong. The latest version supports a roon profile to auto-tag in a roon friendly way. That may work for you.

Most I think, re-tag manually. You may be able to batch tag many of the basic tags. Mp3tag is a common choice for Windows and Yate for mac, but there are many other choices. Sounds as if many of your albums ae not identified by roon. Re-tagging will help a lot.

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Thanks for responding, Martin. If it’s not too much of an imposition, would you please let me know what your import settings are set to? If it’s too much bother, I completely understand. I’m afraid the Antiposes EX is way outside my budget. Thanks again.

Thanks Stan. I may try Media Monkey and see how it works for me.

Thanks for the suggestion, Tony. I downloaded and installed Mp3tag, so will now look for instructions on how to use it! (ha, ha). I’ll check into SongKong as well and see what it has to offer.



hope that helps. I also have applied manual genre mapping.

Thanks a lot, Martin! I’ve applied the settings you’re using. I’m anxious to see how that changes things.

hope it works for you as well

I use SongKong and Yate for this.