Some artists don't get picked up by roon (like ben harper?) how does one force a rescan or manually define them?

Hi all

so i have many artists that room just doesn’t pick up on …for example ben harper who is well known gets zero metadata in roon:

how does one approach this (is it a bug?) and if i define the artist manually how does one force a refresh?



Ben Harper was the first artist I listened to a few days ago when trying Roon. Everything seemed to be OK, including photo, bio, etc. Looks like a bug but not like lack of data.

I think that the album(s) in your collection by your Ben Harper is not identified correctly.
Go to the Artist and select the albums. Make sure they are Identified correctly.

Do you have Tidal or Qobuz connected ?

Try searching for “Ben Harper”, I have no albums of his in my library but see the Overview screen with a Picture and even though i didn’t know it 2 appearances in my Library . So it shouldn’t matter if your albums are ID’ed you should see the Tidal ones (in my case)