Some artists not showing tidal albums

I am looking at My Morning Jacket and it is only showing the tracks I have downloaded, I do not see the black tidal albums listed. I do a search, pull up the artist and it shows EP’s and singles but the only albums listed are the ones I have on my hard drive. I click the show albums button and it shows only these albums. Any idea what is up?

If I’m understanding you correctly, if an album is already added to you library, Roon won’t show the Tidal version.

You can access the Tidal version by displaying the album in your library and clicking “Other Versions” button.

Cheers, Greg

Yes that works. The problem is that I have a few songs from three our four of their releases. The releases I have no music from are not showing. There is no Tidal listing of albums. Not sure why.

Sorry, I posted something and then reread your post.

If you go into the Tidal app, are you able to see the albums you want?

Cheers, Greg

yes, it shows their whole catalogue.

In Roon, if you display different artists, are you able to see Tidal albums, or is it just My Morning Jacket?

Cheers, Greg

Hey @Tim_Clardy – are you scrolling down to the TIDAL section of the Artist page? Can you post a screenshot?

Figured it out. For some reason this artist has two tabs you can click, one for library albums the other for Tidal. I checked other artist and they have a different view, library albums listed and then next item in page in black is tidal albums. Go figure, not sure why it is different.

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