Some barsteward stole my catalytic converter

Need to vent, got home to discover some arse has stolen the Catalytic converter from my car. What times we live in, 1st world problem I know but really it’s not worth that much on my 17yr old petrol Civic.

Wow that is bad news Simon and sorry to hear that.
Can we blame Brexit for that, or just thieving Tossers

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I can blame pretty much most things on Brexit. But no this just tossers. Annoying that it might happen again once replaced. Apparently there is a spate of them in this part of SE.


Poor form. What a t**t.

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Where in SE if I may ask?

Bromley borough of London, but it’s hitting lots of Kent to.

Probably find it for sale on eBay about a mile down the road.

On the plus side, you’re probably getting better performance and MPG now :upside_down_face: But the car is probably almost a write-off now, unless you can get a used cat… Perhaps someone nearby has one to sell?

Barstewards indeed, sad really.

It’s so prevalent you can buy a cage to go over it to prevent theft, not cheap though.

Yes the insurance co said it might be a write off waiting to hear back. Local garage will charge £800 to replace it. Wouldn’t mind it’s only done 71000 miles in 17years engine is fine. But I know other stuff will need replacing no doubt just as I get this done.

Also no guarantee the f****** won’t come back and steal it again, now they know it’s an easy target.

Not a happy Friday. Also had electrical issue today and my garage conversion keeps taking step backwards due to tradesman incompetence. I love the quality of UK tradesman envy of the world. Lol

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I’m KT12, not immune this side either. Covid seems to have brought out a level of desperation not previously seen. Luckily I’m behind closed gates and a wall that requires climbing.

They will steal them when it’s parked anywhere. Several local reports of then being taken whilst parked at the supermarket. It only takes an experiences team 30 secs. Not sure Covids the reason they have been happening for many years but it dropped off during the height only now are coming back to pre Covid levels.

May this craze have swapped to the UK?

Unfortunately, it happens around the world. I live in Brasil, where it’s not unusual. I am currently in a small city in Canada, where one of the first stories I read in the local paper when I arrived was about the theft of a catalytic converter. In Brasil it’s a case of poverty; in the small Canadian city people suspect it was a zonked-out druggie looking to sell it for his next fix. Social problems are bad for everyone.

Years ago, late 1980s maybe, that happened to my little Subaru hatchback.
My understanding is that catalytic converters attract thieves for the platinum they contain. Maybe some vehicle models are more attractive than others because the part is easier to remove. Anyway, thieves have been stealing them for many years now.

Mine I don’t get the cat converter new is a £95 so not worth much sure? But it takes about 30secs to get it off so get 10 a night it’s a grand of easy money I suppose. Funny though it might not cost the earth but to fit a new one with all the other bits that have to be replaced it comes to £750 - my excess its cost me £350 if the insurance settle up.