Some Basic Playback EQ

Early on there was talk about Roon incorporating EQ options and possibly some DSP. Now that HQ Player has been supported, wondering where Roon stands on such offerings within its own playback internals. HQ Player is far more than some want, another layer of complexity and cost, not to mention not easily configured for the simplicity that some are after.

Heck, just basic tone controls via some EQ sliders would be great, accessible via the volume control icon.

In the meantime, any ideas out there for the simplest way to get such functionality now? Use case wanting to increase/decrease the base range a few dBs while sitting with my iPad controlling a Roonserver install on a headless mac mini. Growing number of Mac-enabled DSP options out there, but none have iDevice remote functionality. Heck, even the Apple Remote App has yet to allow access to iTunes EQ controls.

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Yep this would be great! I have a lot of bass-shy albums that could use 2 or 3 dB bass increase.
Even better would be Roon with Dirac integration.


Obviously we are talking about compromising the bit-perfect output from Roon here, which isn’t something I would want. Therefore, if implemented, I think it would need to be in such a manner as preserves the signal purity for those who wouldn’t need such a facility.

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Would love it if this was achieved through AU/VST architecture.

Then people would be free to chose from the wide range of plugins available - from EQ, to room-correction, to ‘valve’ sounds or whatever they like basically. Or leave it disabled and keep things bit perfect.

I’m all for bit perfect, and have worked hard to keep my system that way since my first computer based hifi. But after discovering room correction, I care a lot less about bit perfect and would much rather have the ability to run something like Dirac within Roon, as the difference proper EQ makes in my home environment is huge. It’s completely changed my outlook on such things.

Using it within Roon is the only way I’d be able to use it and RAAT together when it arrives. No doubt lots of users have other EQ programs, or room correction, or affects or whatever that they’d like to use. I mean, surely not all music lovers with high end kit are complete purists all the time - sometimes we like to party!


EQ of the entire grouped stream is most important to me, with specific endpoint EQ being great too, but slightly less important to me. Generally what I really need this for is effectively for a “loudness” EQ contour - but I want to manually control it - since device sensitivities vary. The problem is my various systems all are balanced well for fairly loud listening, but when I need lower level music, the bass really needs to be boosted significantly. If this EQ can’t be done in Roon, are there separate programs that run along with Roon that could easily accomplish this (for all endpoints) - without a lot of hassle or expense? Also, might there be specific Roon RAAT endpoints that allow for smartphone and Mac control of EQ? Note - multiroom EQ of the entire stream is important - not just one of the streams. I see how other apps can EQ one of the streams, but not all of them at once which is mostly what I’d want to do.

I agree that EQ would be a great feature. Something like a 1/3-band graphic EQ would be teriffic. And yes, it should be switchable on and off, with off giving the same bit-perfect playback as now.

For now, I’m running Roon through the JRiver WDM driver to use the JRiver equalizer, but that increases complexity and causes some stuttering at the start of playback.

Just bumping this.
Please Roonlabs, give us the ability to import EQ filters. You told us last year that Roon already uses convolution (IIRC) and that it might not be that hard a job. Very happy to generate the filter in REW or similar, but really really would like this.

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Agreed! I lean pretty hard on third party PEQ in my other playback software (Fab Filter PRO plugin is GREAT for dialing in headphones and soundbars, Acourate is GREAT for convolution/correction in high end systems, as is Dirac.)

Even the basic PEQ controls built into J River work really well and could easily be implemented in the same way you implement volume leveling, or even better, unique setting for each endpoint. If not selected then it remains bit perfect (unless volume leveling is turned on).

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