Some Holiday/Christmas Music Recommendations

Here are a few of the Christmas themed albums that I return to every holiday season. A few are well known and few are not so well known but should be. And some are on Tidal in case you would like to give them a listen.

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Thanks for the recommendations. This is my personal favourite:



Lest not forget:


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Or this.


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Another Christmas classic!

Please everyone, keep them coming.

sadly some things cannot be unheard :stuck_out_tongue:

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True that, however “The Chipmunk Song” is even worse since it just stays in one’s head for days and days. ALVIN! :chipmunk:

Something different here.

The lovely Carter Sampson… BJ Baartmans is also in there.

Try this track

A classic, featuring the first professional recording by Jon Bon Jovi:

Or of course for the true Christmas connoisseur:

A John Waters Christmas looks interesting but alas it is not available on Tidal. I will look for it from other sources. Thanks!

Prog Rock Christmas Featuring Members of YES, Renaissance, Utopia, Focus, Curved Air, Hawkwind & Others!

You should be able to find the CD on that online retailer named after a river, or eBay.

There are traditions and traditions. I listened to the live recording of the Festival on BBC with my parents from early childhood and I know listen with my children. Most of the time, we adults are cooking for the Christmas Eve diner so it is a clock and background music at the same time. The too early death of Stephen Cleobury last week makes listening to both CD’s a bittersweet moment.

The first CD is a recording of the Festival of 2019. The second one contains songs and music from memorable performances. Both the traditionals and some of the new songs Cleobury commissioned yearly are included.

Like this one :wink:


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Comes as a package with their annual Holiday tour :smile:

Ariel Ramirez - Navidad Nuestra. My Christmases wouldn’t be complete without it. This is a nice recording. I also have it on vinyl with Ramirez himself conducting, quite different but also great.

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Don’t know how I missed this one the first time around:



For the old (or new) punks.

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