Some outstanding observations from a new user


I just recently bought the life-time membership. In general it is a good experience to use roon especially if you compare it with other alternatives. Conversely, I was surprised to bump into some very fundamental issues which lead me to say “Did I do right to buy this,really ?”

  • Top tracks for a selected artist or a band are almost everytime irrelevant with that artist’s real top songs (see Depeche Mode for example and try it for yourself)
  • When I browse my library, I see some albums I have never ever added to my Tidal account as a favorite album.
  • Poor search results. I typed “The Traveller” hoping it to retrieve Chris De Burgh song among the results. However the results do not include it.

So maybe I am doing something wrong ?


Not sure how it determines the “top tracks” maybe it is the top ones for what is in your library?

Yep, I don’t like that about Tidal integration, but that is also why I made a bookmark to remove them and browse only my local library.

I think in the case of the Chris De Burgh search the album that has “The Traveller”, “Eastern Wind” where is not in Tidal there are 17 other albums for him though. Unless you are saying it is in your local library and it is not showing up in a search, that would be not good.

Do you mean this? It’s based on your top plays.

When you setup TIDAL did you add a TIDAL collection? If you’re not sure–some people add this without realising–you can check by looking at YOUR STUFF > Tags. You’ll see something like this:

If you see this, click on a tag to view all the albums. Now you can select all (or some) and the delete them using the Edit menu. Let me know if you need help with this.

I agree that the search isn’t perfect, but it’s sometimes worth including the artist when searching for a track.

Hi Martin,

Thanks for the detailed explanations. When I read “Top Tracks” I assumed that it would refer to top played artists by everybody as this feature is useful if you are new to an artist or a band (just like they do in spotify and tidal alike). But thank you for the clarification. I wish roon showed that to me at least for the tracks that are being shown by my tidal subscription.

As for the playlist think, now I understand the reason and thanks again for clarifying that.

Finally for the search thing, unfortunately this is a very basic thing and I would very much expect from a premium service show a better search performance there.

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Check out the forum as there are posts on this topic (feature requests) and maybe some changes down the line.

The ‘Play Picks’ option on the album screen may be closer to what you want, although that may be based on some critics’ opinions.

Hey @YILMAZ_GORALI – thanks for the feedback here.

Just want to acknowledge that we’re actively working on both of these:

I don’t have a timeline on when the changes will go live, but we agree they could both be better. The changes we’re working on here will make Roon smarter across the board about your music, and the music on TIDAL that’s not yet part of your library. It will also improve our Radio feature, including selection of non-library content from TIDAL.

As I mentioned, this work is currently underway, but we really do appreciate this feedback.

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