Some performances of Jeff Buckley albums not matched

This is my first Roon post. I can’t figure out how Roon “matches” tracks to show different performances. Is it done on file tags or “the cloud”? I have the album “Grace” and “Grace Around the World” from Jeff Buckley, both correctly identified. I compared track title file tags, they match perfectly.
For instance, “Lilac Wine” occurs on both albums, but they’re not matched.
From “Grace”, only track “Dream Brother” is matched with te version on “Grace Around The World”.
Attached some screenshots…

Hi @Gerard_Burgstede. Sorry for the delay in replying. This is (probably) a simple one: we need a track level composer credit to be able to identify tracks on different albums as the same composition. Even though looking at these two albums it might seem “obvious”, when you’re dealing with tens of millions of tracks on millions of albums, the risk of false positive matches is just too great for us to make assumptions about album vs. track level composers.

To answer your other question, the matching takes place in both the Cloud (Roon metadata service), but can also work locally, something which is very dependent on fairly exact title and composer name matches. Try looking at the track credits and adding a composer credit where it’s missing; that should make some of the magic happen.

To save you from having to go into each track three-dot menu to view the composer credits, you can force the display of composer credits:

Hi @joel,
Thanks for your reply, I think I’m getting closer, although I still can’t figure out why Lilac Wine still does not match after syncing the Primary Artist and Composer, see screenshots. It tried re-analyze / re-identify the album and even did a rescan of my whle library, still the same result.