Some reviewer questions I couldn't answer

Hi There @SteveSilberman
I was in touch with a Geman magazin. The Reviewer asked me beside some qther Questions one that i couldn’t answer bey myself.

He reported, that he has a lot of untagged files from the past in his list, which are overseen by Roon’s ripping and didn’t put them in the library.
He asked for putting/displaying them in a data directory. Then he can tag them with Roon. He also wonders, why Roon didn’t does it by itself, like other programs are doing it. The last statement, I didn’t verified by myself, yet.

Will be my great pleasure to get enlighted, how to do this
Best regards

If they are not added to the library that is usually because they are a non-supported file format not because they are “untagged”.

Skipped files will show you any missed files so he can see if this corresponds to what has not been added.

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Thanks for the notification of the FAQ.
As we say in Germany:
Manchmal sieht man den Wald vor lauter Bäumen nicht
Sometimes, you didn’t see the forest because of all trees.


Roon user guide pdf downloadable (I put it on my IPad).