Some songs are "curently unavailable on qobuz"

Why roon cannot play some songs from Qobuz “currently unavailable on qobuz”? But directly in Qobuz it is available.

One possible reason:


Thanks but this is not a problem I have faced with. It its not a new album or song (Roxette for example). It nad been available but after some time became unavailable. As you note I had added it in Qobuz, averything was OK and I saw it in roon library but then something went wrong.

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Streaming services may retract albums, e.g., due to licensing changes. Often they then reappear as a new version, but Roon may not be able to match it automatically. Then the version you have in your Roon library becomes unavailable.

The new version may appear under the Versions tab of the album in Roon, or you can search for it again and add it. (In some cases, Qobuz may lose the license to stream and then there wouldn’t be a new version)

This happens all the time.

This just happened to me with an album of Martinu’s Violin Concertos. Removing the album from my library and re-adding it (in Roon) seemed to fix the problem.