Something for the M1 crowd

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Today they (Apple) also released updates (MacOS 11.2) to fix the M1 Mini BT issues. not sure if they solved the HiRes Audio on HDMI tho

Long since I’ve been this happy with a new Mac. Switched from a 2019 i7 MBP 13" to the M1 MBP. So fast and so cool at the same time.

Power consumption is really one of the best things aside from the speed. And I’m not even caring about battery life that much (at least not during Covid). But now the MacBook can really be used as a laptop even on demanding tasks. The “old” 2019 i7 gets hot and sometimes really hot and loud.

Even Microsoft seems to look into switching to ARM-based chipsets for their own hardware.

I would be a much happier Mac user if 11.01, 11.1. and 11.2 had not all completely balked my 2019 MacBook Air making it unusable for at least 2 days at a time. (Currently on 4th attempt to install 11.2 with 10 minutes remaining after having 10 minutes remaining for 4 hours)

I would love to go down the route of an M1 Macbook or even a Mac Mini, but I am losing faith in Apple’s ability to manage the updates, or maybe they just don’t give a sh1t about Intel user’s anymore.


Maybe wait a few months. I’ve been having the issues these guys have with my M1 Macs. Returned for refund. Very very zippy though. I had this issue with both 11.1 and recent 11.2

Waiting is always the safest bet. But I know 10+ users personally that has similar experience as mine (“awesome”). No issues, but then there are always the risk for issues especially with first-gen tech.

Sure but overall there’s zero risk with Apple’s return policy :wink:

And if it helps I also know 10+ users having an awesome time with it…

I will revisit in 6 months most likely.

I just sold my Dell XPS 13 to buy the entry level MB Air. I’m pretty sceptical generally, I dislike the Church of Mac, or any of those cult-like followings, but they absolutely knocked it out of the park with this CPU. It will be one of Apple’s defining products.

The fanless design is terrific. I don’t mind a bit of thermal throttling because I’m not a power user. The base price is also fantastic. As ever with Apple, it’s when you need add memory/storage that they start to take the p***.

I’ve got an M1 and am absolutely delighted with, it is wickedly fast. I do have a couple of issues - when I switch users (which I do very occasionally) Time Machine stops and I can sometimes get an unexpected screensaver. Small issues, recognized, not a problem. The money back policy makes trying one out risk free. Go for it!

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Spy vs. Spy -

Paul Thurrott (the esteemed (in some Circles) Microsoft follower) was given an M1 based Macbook and an Razer Book 13 to test together, so it sounds like Intel has seeded quite a few journalists with these to try them both and to give an honest assessment :wink:

To be fair I trust Thurrott as he spends most of his time railing at Microsoft decisions, but not sure I trust all of them to do a fair comparison as there are bias in all areas
(Typing this on an Intel based Macbook Air and then heading home to my Intel based PC’s)