Something I'm not understanding about playing tags/genres

I started my trial a few days ago and have enjoyed falling down the Roon rabbit hole. One thing I was looking forward to was discovery by way of tag “radio”. However, the ability to play tags (if I’m using the right term) is inconsistent. For instance, if I search for Benny Goodman and click info, I see a variety of genres/tags: Big Band, Sweet, Jazz, etc. I can click on each, go to that page, and play the tag. However, if I search for Rolling Stones and click info, and go to one of the tags, say “British Invasion”, there is a play button, however the button is not clickable. That seemed to be true of all the Stones tags. What am I not understanding? I’m wondering if the tag pulls it’s content from my personal library, rather than the general pool of metadata?

By the way, I am using Qobuz exclusively for content.

Hi Peter,

I think that the genre play button becomes active once you have added 1 album in that genre to your library. So, to test, go to the Rolling Stones, choose The Rolling Stones in Mono and add it to your library using the + sign. Once added, go back to the Rolling Stones artist page and see if those genres are now accessible.


And that did it! Very much appreciated!

Wrote too soon, but your response got me to the answer. When adding Stones in Mono and playing British Invasion, it now plays songs only from that album. So it looks like genre/tag radio does draw from the personal library. Thanks again

Yes its only from music added to your Roon library from your own files or from streaming. It doesn’t work on Qobuz directly. If you want a radio selection of a genre then click on the down arrow to the right of play and choose start radio. This will start a Roon radio session which will pull from Qobuz similar music. You still need at least one artist in that genre in your library to start it off.

Okay…I think I’ve got it.

I did need to add The Stones to my library to get both the Play Now button and the drop down menu available. Now, the Play Now button plays from my library, and Start Radio draws from Qobuz in general. Perfect. Thanks.

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