Sometimes it's those little touches

Great - thanks Danny.


Let me add a smile to this thread.
My Meridian Director showed up as well. :smile:

Does this mean the director is a roon endpoint?

listening to Charles Lloyd?

I think it means that Roon recognises the Director.
Just another USB DAC. Roon sees my AppleTV as well.

there are only a handful of devices we have certified

Correct me if I’m wrong…

Hopefully we can add Berkeley Alpha USB to this list:

It’s definitely not a speaker :slight_smile:

the ATV is an endpoint. what is feeding the director?

The Director is connected via USB to a Mac Mini, running core.

How about the ifi dsd nano and micro?

@steveoat87 - "Roon Tested" Audio Hardware (Formerly Roon Certified)

@Anil_Kalagatla - "Roon Tested" Audio Hardware (Formerly Roon Certified)

@Audioholic - "Roon Tested" Audio Hardware (Formerly Roon Certified)

I’m getting the standard loudspeaker icon for my Explorer. Is the custom icon only for the Explorer 2?

No !

@struts – if it’s a private zone, then thats why. soon, roonspeakers will transfer over the information about the endpoint.

Yup. Was listening last night in bed on my Macbook which is a remote. Works fine when I connect the Explorer to the core.

Is it ever going to be possible to add your own icons?

I have a TEAC UD-H01 ASYNC USB DAC. It works absolutely flawlessly with Roon, full bitrate switching, and happy up to its maximum 24/192, but it would be nice to have an icon for it rather than the generic speaker icon.

Similarly for my Weiss DAC :slight_smile:

In case it helps: I’ve gone generic since posting this. :wink: