Sometimes it's those little touches

I just love to see my MS600 (and Explorer 2) suddenly appear in person…

I can’t help it – but little surprises like this make me smile. :smile:

Just for the record: the links to M and the manual do not work yet. But you probably knew that already…


I gotta fix that product manual link :smile:

Have you seen the MS200 and ID41/40 yet…just love those !!!

Those icons put a smile on my face too, a very nice touch I thought.

Have you seen the MS200 and ID41/40 yet…just love those !!!

Nope… I’ve seen the Director & Explorer though – nice as well. Can you upload screen caps?

and the best

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Completing the collection…

What do we miss? A Prime? Wonder whether first gen Sooloos gear has pictures. It should. :slight_smile:

[quote=“RBM, post:7, topic:1664”]
Wonder whether first gen Sooloos gear has pictures.
[/quote]Only a speaker cabinet icon

Will there also be icons for Ressonessence Labs products eg. Herus DAC and Concero HD DAC etc. ?

@Audioholic, this support is not only pretty pictures, it is where we’ve tested and certified certain audio renderers working properly and bit accurately. There are many we have failed so far. Also, if the renderer has any neat “extra” features, we can add support for them. For example, the Meridian products above support standby!

We aren’t working with Ressonessence Labs, but I’ll ask our team to take a look at their products. You also can message them and tell them to come talk to us :smile:

Thanks @Danny.
I will contact Ressonessence Labs. I have the two products, and they work like a charm with Roon. I don’t know if there is a possibility for something extra though.

@Audioholic – the idea is that we test their products with ours, through a much more rigorous test than any user would. They should test Roon with their product, and make sure we don’t do anything bad to their end.

Then, as a consumer confidence builder, we can both co-market that each others products are known to work well together. On top of that, Roon can identify the product, support extra features, provide links to the vendor website and the product manuals, etc…

We call this hardware manufacturer program “Roon Certified”.

@RBM@enno and I are skyping here… reading your posts, loving your zone names :smile:

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@danny – Sounds like great features. Hoping to see Ressonessence Labs as a “Roon Certified” manufacturer :smile:

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@danny – Just written to Ressonessence Labs – hoping you will join forces…

Getting the same thing for my MC200…

@thompo - We haven’t certified the MC200. I’m sure it’s fine, but it would be disingenuous for us for us to do this for devices we haven’t tested.

I don’t want this to turn into a thread of “why isn’t my device on your list?” – there are only a handful of devices we have certified, and while more on the list, you really must contact your manufacturer if you want more certified. We only can certify what we have in our possession.

Couldn’t help myself… Way too obvious. :smile:

Only problem is if one goes full (simplified) screen when playing a track to ID41, the new icon goes back to the speaker symbol……

Just got used to the ID41 800 series picture - not good to see it go back to the plain old speaker for full screen.


@JCD – fixed, will be in next build (in 1 or 2 weeks) :smile: