Song lyrics-off

Hello. I’mm new here with lifelong membership. I have a question.

Is there is some way to turn off song lyrics while playing?

I want to see the cover of the album and the artist’s photo.

Thank you.

Go to Now playing screen , tap base of album screen

On right about 1/3 up you’ll see 3 dots

Tap, select Configure now playing screen, there is a switch for lyrics , switch it off

You can also order what is shown by dragging the 3 lines, make Album Art the top item it will then default to the album cover

Hope this helps


How do I turn off Lyrics on my PC screen or iphone. they are not listed under “Displays” and it automatically goes to lyrics if present which I finf very annoying.

Go to Now Playing screen

There is 3 dot menu. …

Click and you can reorder what you , just make lyrics not the top one, select Album Cover or whatever

Should work, not at my PC to draw pics


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