Song Title in Roon Different Than Tidal

This may be entirely my fault and I’m just trying to fix it.

The album is Wake Up To Find Out by the Grateful Dead.

In Tidal the song titles are in the format: Song Title [Location and Date] for example…

Jack Straw (Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, New York 3/29/90)

however I think I have managed to do something so that it only shows up as

Jack Straw in Roon.

I’d like to get it back to the Song Title [location and date] format!!

Thanks for the help…it’s going to drive me nuts if I don’t find a solution.

Just want to add that I’ve tried a number of things in Roon such as read info from file, deleting album and adding it again…and a few other things…no luck.

Did you try Edit/Metadata/Tracktitle/Prefer File?

Yes, I did try that. Thanks for the suggestion.

That should work. Did you clean up library in between? Roon may remember the album otherwise.

I wish deleting, cleaning library, and adding again would’ve changed the current situation but it didn’t.

I dont think its Roon’s fault, rather it’s how Tidal is choosing to display the information.

Here’s the file info for the first track:

I.e. the track title doesn’t have the location and date info

…although track info on Tidal is different…

Beats me.
Ask @joel

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This is Roon’s doing. In general, a lot of the (content in brackets) that we get from TIDAL, that they get from the record labels is awful, so we don’t use it. We are currently re-evaluating whether or not we can sift the good stuff from the bad. What you are seeing is Roon’s canonical track titles for that release of the album.

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Thank you.
Fair enough - up to a point. If we have set

Edit/Metadata/Tracktitle/Prefer File

for the album/track then why not go along with that?


I understand the challenge with sifting the good (content in brackets) from the bad, but as someone who listens to a fair bit of dance music, I come across this problem a lot when looking at remix albums/singles.

A couple of suggestions:

  • A rule-based approach might look at the overall album/EP/single for repeated track titles: where multiple tracks have the same ‘canonical’ name, the (content in brackets) could be shown to differentiate them.
  • Let the user (easily) choose: you know TIDAL’s got some extra gumpf which you’ve filtered out - offer the user a toggle to turn that on/off or even rotate between different versions of metadata (e.g. Roon’s, TIDAL’s, the user’s, Qobuz, etc). Ideally for me, the toggle would be right there rather than having to edit the album and search for metadata; where the user settles their toggling can be persisted.

Very annoying and strange this is not fixed because this is a thread starting almost 2,5 years ago.

It even affects the search for tracks in Live radio.

I want ALL the information about a song, album, artist there is, not less! This is what Roon is all about isn’t it?

So please leave everything in, and maybe make a toggle for people who want to eliminate the extra info.

Here’s one of many examples that proves my point:


Yep. Still annoying.

As per my earlier suggestion, a rule-based approach would recognise that the content in brackets is the only thing differentiating otherwise identical track titles. Why not use the extra info in these easily identifiable scenarios?


Bumping this thread, this seems such a silly design decision. Is nobody in the Roon team listening to electronic music? Remixes by other artists are so common, this does not make any sense?

Why not at least make it an option to display the complete song title?

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I’ve never seen Roon’s reaction to this issue. I also wrote about it a year ago:

And still no answer.

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Dumbfounded: just found one single album that displays full title, all the other do not as usual.

@dylan Is this something the Roon developers are looking in to? Still very annoying! Obviously there is some extra information coming through form Tidal to Roon so why not the complete titles?