Songs just stop and a new song starts playing?

Songs just stop and a new song starts playing? I have a dedicated server and fast internet. What’s up?

I too am experiencing this. I my case, its a playlist sourced from either Tidal or Qobuz. Plays fro 4-5 minutes, then skips to something else! Very disturbing. Why isn’t Roon support responding??

I also have a strange issue, on some álbuns the first track or two play well, then it skips 3 tracks and starts at the middle of the album, the only way to make the a,bum play again, is to remove the album, them force a scan, clean up the library and move the album again to be reindexed.

It has been happening to me on some albuns lately, firs I thought it was a damaged file, but no is a roon issue.

Since 1.8 upgrades I have having some issues. I started from scratch a new install and adding all my library again. But some issues reappear like skipping songs and slow loading.

Maybe in the next update this will be corrected.