Sonic and Sound Difference between Nucleus and Nucleus Plus

I have a lifetime roon membership and love Roon. My dedicated computer is a 2012 macmini with 16 gig of ram, the computer is starting to have HD issues and takes a long time to boot and noticing slower than normal Roon search speed. I noticed the Labor Day special where the 1 gig HD is being offered for free only on the nucleus not the nucleus plus (not sure why). I don’t have over 10,000 albums in my collection , mostly use Tidal . Any sonic difference between Nucleus and Nucleus plus ? If yes I will spend the extra money.

No, it’s a computer.

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Use ssd as instead of hdd. Very quick.

No its a computer is not a answer as different computers have certain better components inside, lower noise power supply’s. I am looking to hear from someone at Roon labs.

ROON labs has already stated if you do a search that there is no difference.

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I heard that the cloud servers that store Qobuz files have really bad components inside.


I am also thinking of getting a M1 macmini 16 g ram and 1 tb SSD for $1200. I understand the M1 outperforms the intel processors. Just seems like the processor in the Nucleus is old and outdated and may not be as future proof. In other words its not likely the nucleus will last the 10 years my macmini has lasted . The ma mini’s only function now is Roon nothing else running headless

I have no experience with m1 but I have a 2014 mini with ssd and it works great.

Good to know . Just seems that the i3 processor is pretty old. Even my 2012 macmini is a i5 multi core computer

This is a screenshot from the Wyred4Sound website who has carried both units in the past.

The Nucleus Plus series has more processing power for DSP function, and can manage a larger library.

Thank you , appreciate all the responses

The OS only uses one core I believe, except for audio analysis, so more cores wouldn’t help.

The only thing that matters is whether you have sufficient resources for the things you want to do. I have an i5 10th Gen in my ROCK. With 40,000 tracks, no mutiroom, and no DSP except volume leveling, my performance multiplicator in the signal path is 100, so I have nearly 100 times more CPU resources than I need.

For larger libraries, heavy multiroom and DSP, use a Nucleus Plus with the i7.

Apple silicon uses less power though, I suppose. However, Roon have said that there will be never a ROCK (and surely that also means Nucleus) based on Apple hardware because it is too locked down and makes no sense without macOS. Of course, you have the option to run Roon (not ROCK) on a Mac Mini on macOS.

It helps when multiple zones are used simultaneously.

Ah, thanks

I’ve been running an eighth generation NUC8i3 for a couple of years or so, 60,000 tracks, multi-room, and some DSP. It doesn’t run a sweat, is reliable, and hasn’t been turned off since set up. Sometimes less is more.

No, it’s a computer.

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No arguments there. I’ve always said that Nucleus is overpriced.

In regards to fidelity, we (Team Roon) would say no.

But regarding skips, pops, and other digital sound issues, the faster Nucleus Plus will allow you to keep up with more zones of higher-rate audio with more DSP involved.