Sonicorbiter SE installed 2.2 and ever since EXTREMELY loud pop before every song [Solved]

@Jesus_Rodriguez @agillis @jussi_laako I recently installed 2.2 and NAA 3.4 and since then I get an extremely loud pop and the beginning of every song and also if you fast forward in a song (16 / 24bit switching doesn’t matter).

I use Roon / HQPlayer set to DSD128. If I take the SOSE out of the system and my MacMini is connected directly to my DAC there is no issues.

I figured out the issue…. Even though the readout on my DAC read DSD128 going into the HQP preference for the Backend: NAA the SDM Pack reverted back to none and was not set to DoP. Once that changed no more extremely loud pops.

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Good fix!!