SonicOrbiter SE Optical Output Rates [Resolved]

Until The 2.1 Update My Sonicorbiter se the Optical out would not connect at all at any of these rates 44.1kHz 96kHz, 176.4kHz, my Schiit Bifrost non usb dac. Now it connects great at 44.1kHz 96kHz, 176.4kHz, but not at 192kHz.There is static and then cuts off. My squeezebox touch connects at all rates with the optical connection. There is a problem with the optical out.

Are you sure of this, I didn’t think SBT optical can manage 192, certainly mine can’t, perhaps Roon was downsampling?

However this is not what I expected, I’d be very disappointed if I can’t output 192 from the SOSE’s optical out. Have you contacted your supplier?


24 bit / 96 kHz 2 channel audio is the maximum the Toslink standard allows for. If you’re getting any better than that it’s blind luck.

If that’s truly the case I will be returning it very quickly. However, I’ve been told otherwise by my DAC supplier.

Whether it works or not is dependent on the type of TOSlink receiver module used.

Evan’s making a factual statement here.

And quite frankly - lucky or not - I did not know more was even possible. That said, 24/96 is the max the standard allows, so that’s all anyone should expect out of the SOSE or ANY device that does not make claims to exceed the standard.

I’ll bow to the experts here, I thought newer optical outs had the capacity for 24/196, but obviously I’ve picked that up incorrectly.

It won’t be an issue for the 12 or so albums I have at this resolution and my Hugo TT that’s on order will sort this out if I use USB.


John - for all I know, you may be correct. It’s just that the Toslink standard is lower than that. And don’t trust us. It’s an easy Google. :relaxed:

Time to make some returns.

Check first…it’s dependent on the TOSlink receiver module used. Of course, all devices in your TOSlink chain would have to have a module that supports > 24/96.

I’m running Toslink out the optical port on my Brix to a NAD D3020 and getting full range up to 24/192 without a hitch. Sounds great actually. But, the NAD does specify 24/192 as an resolution option for optical input.

Is this enough proof for you guys?

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Thank you!!!

Like I said, it’s down to the TOSlink receiver

Hi Jesus since you have a lot more experience on this than me do you prefer toslink over usb?

The primary output is the USB output. The optical output is there for convenience for those that need it.