Sonicorbiter Spotify Support (in 2.5)

I never insinuated that nor my feelings where tors Roon.
I was referring to an open source application which to my understanding is unsupported by Spotify and maybe brake Spotify TOS? Honestly I am not a big fan of Sonore products just my opinion.

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@Jesus_Rodriguez: I think maybe you mischaracterized the Spotify Connect bridge. My understanding is it is provided by Spotify themselves and you meant to say there’s no specific deal or licensing required. This is confirmed by the previous post.

The question was:

I said:

I didn’t mischaracterized anything.

Perhaps you can clarify whether Spotify provides and maintains this code. As opposed to some rando tapping on a keyboard until something works.

That is not open-source.

If you are going to act that way I’m not going to help you.

This. BUT it looks like this whole thread is quickly going down the drain. @Jesus_Rodriguez I am not sure what is the background here but you seem quick to snap. I understand you might be very passionate about your product and work, I know I am about my work so I can relate… but snapping the way you are just does not speak well. I hope we are open to a good community discussion :smiley:

Good luck and Thanks for the info @miguelito and @Jesus_Rodriguez

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This is what we are using:

“librespot is an open source client library for Spotify. It enables applications to use Spotify’s service, without using the official but closed-source libspotify. Additionally, it will provide extra features which are not available in the official library.”

Ok, my mistake. I thought you were using the Spotify-provided library… :frowning:

I know you are trying to help…I was just being flippant or whatever you called me the other day:)

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I’ll chat with Andrew and see what we can do to make it less confusing.

Don’t let the vortexcies surrounding the conversation discourage you.

I see. This can spark a good conversation. This is the unsupported Spotify library and for non-commercial use, How did you get around that? That’s a bold move :smiley:

If as your website implies you are about to release some piece of hardware/software that might be in competition to Sonore Products do you think it might be ethical to say so before any attacks?

They are big boys. Let them sort it out.

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@NickB I am sorry… I am a bit lost… You reply to my post but I am not sure what you are talking about… I am about to release a software/hardware?

Where did you get that from?

The answer to the above is “We just did”. The proper question is “how do you avoid future trouble?”.

@Henry_McLeod – this is actually a legit question. The Spotify eSDK is easily available in official channels for companies that want to become a Spotify Connect partner. Before becoming reliant in my day-to-day-life on a feature, I’d assume it was stable both from a product and from a business point of view.

We’ve had trouble with Spotify in the past in this way, so I personally am very curious to the thought process behind this move.

Note that the DietPi guys use librespot as well, but they aren’t selling a product. It is very much DIY.


@danny, That is indeed the better question :smiley:

I am as well… Why use that instead of the lib provided by Spotify?