Sonicorbiter Spotify Support (in 2.5)

They are big boys. Let them sort it out.

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@NickB I am sorry… I am a bit lost… You reply to my post but I am not sure what you are talking about… I am about to release a software/hardware?

Where did you get that from?

The answer to the above is “We just did”. The proper question is “how do you avoid future trouble?”.

@Henry_McLeod – this is actually a legit question. The Spotify eSDK is easily available in official channels for companies that want to become a Spotify Connect partner. Before becoming reliant in my day-to-day-life on a feature, I’d assume it was stable both from a product and from a business point of view.

We’ve had trouble with Spotify in the past in this way, so I personally am very curious to the thought process behind this move.

Note that the DietPi guys use librespot as well, but they aren’t selling a product. It is very much DIY.


@danny, That is indeed the better question :smiley:

I am as well… Why use that instead of the lib provided by Spotify?

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