sonicTransporter 2.6 upgrade


I did the software upgrade to version 2.6 on my sonicTransporter i5 the other day, and it worked fine, other than it is now re-running the Audio Analysis on my entire library. With over 55K tracks, it will take days to complete.

Not sure why a software update would cause this…

Also, the System Status app on the sonicTransporter control site is not showing the CPU Load - it shows everything at 0%. I went to check it after I turned Audio Analysis to use all four cores to speed things up overnight. This used to work in the old version.

Yes I discovered a bug this morning that was causing that. press the upgrade button and it will be fixed.

Thanks, I hit update and rebooted and now the CPU Load is working again.

But it is re-running Audio Analysis…

I have i5 sonictransporter with internal 2tb hd. performed upgrade to 2.6 and all went well and i can play music through roon and the ultrarendu. My problem is that the internal hard drive on the sonic transporter is no longer accessible as shared drive on my mac. I can see drive but it wil not connect. rebooted all units several times with no success. Any suggestions?

Apparently there is a bug in the 2.6 software - SMB is not loading properly. Hence why you cannot mount the drive from your Mac. I had the same problem. Send an email to Andrew and he can log in to your system and fix it. He did it for me yesterday.

Thanks for posting this. I keep getting “connection failed” when I attempting mounting the ST from my Mac and couldn’t figure out why. I will email him :wink:

Thanks for the info. I will contact Andrew

I have the same issue with my external SSD connected to an i5 sonictransporter. I emailed @agillis yesterday, but hadn’t heard back yet. At least now I know others are experiencing the same issue so I can stop looking for problems related to my network, sonictransporter settings, etc.

I wonder if this will require another update if the issue is widespread? If so, I hope it doesn’t make Roon re-analyze our collections again.

@nate_c Did Roon re-analyze your library after the 2.6 upgrade, too? Now I think I know why…

In the process of syncing my external USB drive to my NAS, I discovered that the timestamp on the files on the USB were one hour behind the same ones on the NAS…

I shutdown the sonicTransporter, and plugged the external drive into my Mac - the timestamps were now correct… plugged back into the sT and they were one hour behind again.

I checked the locatization setting on the sonicTransporter and it is set correctly. But I can only assume that somehow it is not recognizing Daylight Savings after the upgrade!

I emailed Andrew a few minutes ago… Obviously, once this is fixed, Roon will want to re-analyze my library again - all 55,000 tracks!! This is not fun…

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Yep, my entire library was re-analyzed after the upgrade even though there should have been no changes detected. The daylight savings time theory is interesting. The timestamps do look correct whenever I connect the external SSD to my computer. But unfortunately I can’t access the folders through the sonicTransporter (until my SMB issue is resolved) to check what it says the timestamps are.

Yes, the timestamps are complicated and depend on the way the drive is formatted, e.g. HFS+, APFS, NTFS use universal time, but FAT formatted drives use local time.

So my suspicion is that if your drive is formatted exFAT, then the the timestamps will be correct when you connect to your computer which has the correct time. But if the sT is not set to Daylight Savings, then it will be incorrect when it is connected to the sT.

That is what I am seeing in my case, anyway… yours could be different.

My SSD is exFAT, so I can check whenever I get SMB access again.

I double checked my sT but didn’t find any settings related to Daylight Savings. Just normal time zone choices. Did you find a solution so that Roon won’t re-analyze?

Daylight savings is enabled automatically on the sonicTransporter.

So my sonicTransporter is set to Americas/NewYork, and yes - the time is correct. I can tell because I hit Update again and the time is correct in the update log.

HOWEVER, the timestamps on the files on the attached USB drive are showing as one hour behind what they are when the drive is connected to my Mac. I changed the timezone on the sonicTransporter to Americas/Chicago, and the timestamps were then all correct! But still they are one hour behind the system time.

So although the system time is correct, there is still something that is different after the 2.6 upgrade that caused the timestamps on the external drive to be off by an hour. Something having to do with how it reads exFAT drives? A driver or a configuration? Something must be different.

This is clearly what caused my Roon library to be re-analyzed after the upgrade. Because when I changed the timezone to Chicago, Roon started to re-analyze once again seeing the change in the timestamps (good thing I stopped it and re-set the timezone before it re-analyzed 55,000 tracks!).

It might sound trivial that the timestamps are incorrect, but its important in my case since I am syncing the external drive to my NAS, and if the times are off, the sync will want to re-write all the files, not just the ones that are new or actually changed…

Thanks for contacting me directly. I’m not sure what could cause that but we will figure it out.