SonicTransporter - "always on"?

Is a SonicTransporter meant to run as an “always on” component? If not, is it possible to just switch it on and off or do you need to shut it down somehow, like a computer? What’s the boot up time?


Pretty certain it is an on all the time component, why would you want to turn it off?

because I just don’t like the fact that everything is on all the time. It doesn’t need to be running when I’m away for several days, really. The core question is: Does the sonicTransporter act like a computer (shut down and boot up) or more like an audio component (switch on/off with no delay or data damage)?

Ok well it is actually a small computer and there is a shutdown option on it, not sure whether you can power it up without pushing the button on the front, when you do it takes less than a minute to power up and be ready with all that Roony goodness. :slight_smile:

You can use the web interface from any device on your network to shutdown the sonictransporter.

sounds good, thanks for the insight. Less than a minute is well worth it, indeed!

Tanks @philr! So a shutdown is possible via web interface only? Or does a push on the button on the front trigger a proper shutdown, too?

Either but I prefer to shutdown Roon Server first and then the SonicTransporter from the web interface just to be sure that a hard power off does not crash and corrupt the Roon database. I have no evidence that it does but I am being cautious.

thanks for the insight! I was hoping that a push on that front button would trigger a smooth shutdown, no hard power off.