sonicTransporter AP as replacement for Vortexbox

I am a long time user of Slimdevices/Logitech/Small Green Computer hardware. I currently own three Squeezebox devices ( Transporter, Squeezebox2 and a Squeezebox Duet ). I also own a Vortexbox appliance which I have had for many years.

I would like to transition to Roon from LMS. The key here is transition. I would like to replace my Vortexbox appliance with the sonicTransporter AP but have questions before I make the purchase. I would appreciate a response so I can make an informed purchase.

  1. Can I use my Logitech Transporter and have music streamed to it from my flac library which currently resides on my Vortexbox using LMS on the sonciTransporter AP? In this regard I have all my music backed up to a USB drive. Can these files be transferred easily to the sonicTransporter AP?
  2. I use various pluggins that are part of LMS, such as Smart Mix, MusicIP, etc. Are these available on the sonicTransporter AP if using LMS?
  3. Will I also be able to stream my music files to my other Slimdevices/Logitech devices ( mentioned above ).
  4. On the Vortexbox there is a way to update LMS. Is there a similar procedure to update LMS and Roon software on the sonicTransporter AP?
  5. Does the sonicTransporter AP ship with the latest versions of Roon and LMS?
  6. Is the CD ripping procedure independent of LMS so that when I “give up” using LMS and move to Roon I will still be able to rip CD’s, have them converted to flac and be tagged? When a CD is ripped can it also be converted to mp3’s as I am currently able to do with my Vortexbox?
  7. Can all configuration be done from an Internet browser? I currently use a Chromebook for Internet access, is this sufficient.
  8. I use Squeeze Commander on my Android phone. Will I be able use it to access LMS. Is there a similar app for Roon that can be used an my phone? Is there a preferred method to access Roon other than from a cell phone, such as a tablet or some kind of touch screen device?
  9. My major concern is being able to use the sonicTransporter as a replacement for my old Vortexbox appliance NOW. My plan is to replace the Logitech Transporter with the microRendu, a quality USB DAC and move to Roon in the future as monetary resources allow. Is this a reasonable plan?

I realized that I have asked many questions and appreciate the time you take to answer them. Hopefully your responses with provide me with the information I need to make a purchase of the sonicTransporter AP

The sonicTransporter AP makes a great replacement for a VortexBox. I can do everything your VortexBox can do and more.

  1. Yes, You just drag a drop your music over to the sonicTransporter

  2. Yes, I’m not sure MusicIP still works. This plug-in has not been support be LMS for a long time although some people have managed to keep it working. All the current LMS plug-ins work great.

  3. Yes

  4. Yes, Yes you can upgrade all the software via the web interface

  5. Yes

  6. Yes and yes

  7. Yes

  8. Yes, You can use Roon Remote from a phone but full Roon from a tablet does more.

  9. Yes the sonicTransporter AP / microRendu combination will be a huge upgrade for your system. You can run all the latest Roon stuff plus all your legacy equipment will still work.

One thing you didn’t ask is if squeezelite runs on the microRendu. It does so you can still use LMS with it if you want.