sonicTransporter does not recover gracefully from power outage

See title.
If we have a complete loss of power, then when it comes back on, many other devices (router, TV, etc) automatically power back up (though not necessarily all in the same state they were in). Not the sT i9. You need to press the power button … assuming you even realize an outage occurred. The blue power on indicator is easily obscured and there is no other power indicator up front. When it happened this morning, even after powering it back up manually, it was in a wonky state. Following the sonicTransporter settings link online brought up a page for a BlueSound device (evidently the IP addresses were jumbled up).

Is there anything I can do to make recover a little smoother?

Setting a reservation in your router for the ST should prevent changes in IP addresses. Per Andrew there is no way to set a static IP address in the ST itself but the reservation in the router should help.

I agree that the power button could have been in a better position but I am used to it now. BTW, putting it on a computer battery backup will prevent it from going down during power outages. Mine is in the same room as my home office so I share the computer UPS with the ST.


Step 1 - Get a UPS, This is a good idea for all sensitive electronics.
Step 2 - Get a router that assigns the same IP addresses to devices each time it’s restarted. All modern routers should do this. Do you have an old router?

Do you a recommendation for a model that can handle a ST,Signature Rendu SE, and a lot of other digital equipment.
Summer is coming to Los Angeles…power outages especially since shelter in place.


This is a nice one

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