Sonictransporter i5 Issues - various

I recently purchased a Sonictransporter i5 and microRendu and had them working splendidly on my system.
Remotes worked from both iOS devices and WIn10 NUC. However, I was never able to “see” either item from within windows.
Today RoonRemote was unable to connect to the Roon Server running on the Sonictransporter, the message continually popped up as connection lost, trying to reconnect.
I checked all of the connections, nothing had changed, checked that all components had been upgraded.
The only thing that seemed unusual was the heat of the Sonictransporter.
I turned off the Sonictransporter allowed it to cool down, restarted and exactly the same problems.
I reviewed the Roon Server Diagnostic, but it was gibbberish to me.

Any suggestions on (a) making both pieces visible in Win10 and (b) more importantly fixing the dropout/unable to connect issues.

Is there a way to delete and reload Roonserver on the sonictransporter?

Roonserver version 1.3 build 209 stable)
Sonictransporter i5 ethernet to switch (running latest software 2.3)
MicroRendu ethernet to switch (v2.3)
MicroRendu USB to Devialet Expert
QNAP NAS ethernet to switch
Win10 NUC ethernet to switch (no outstanding upgrades) and firewalls turned off at present
Wireless AP ethernert to switch.

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The heat of the SonicTransporter, do you use a DSP function like upsampling?
Turn it off to try, my STi7 is also getting very hot.

Not to my knowledge. I did try and reinstall last night to no effect, will try it again.
A little frustrating

Are you using the sonicTransporter as a Roon endpoint or as your Roon server?

I use mine as an endpoint, plugged into an unmanaged switch into which my ethernet renderer from Bel Canto is plugged. I find that ocassionally and spontaneously for no reason, the end point using the ST disappears from Roon. Yet, I can still reach the IP address and setup page for the ST and it shows that it is connected to the renderer, even though not appearing in Roon. My answer has been to reboot the ST from within its systems settings page. Most of the time, this restores the endpoint into Roon for which the ST is responsible.

Of course, I would the disappearing act to stop entirely, but at least, I have found a pretty reliable workaround. So, try this, perhaps. JCR

Interesting, I am actually hosting the instance of RoonServer on the ST, remotes are running from win10 and iOS. Music is on a NAS.
Thanks for the suggestion

OK, coming back to the well.
Issue: Roon remote (ios) version connecting to Roonserver continually drops connection and cannot find roonserver.
when it does identify roonserver, the server shows itself as initializing.
it may then connect, but then drops again and goes looking for another server to connect to.

Roon server on SGC Sonictransport 15
Airport Express WAP
All items are connected by ethernet to the same Netgear switch

Connected to that same switch I have an INTEL NUC running Roon and RoonServer.
I can connect to that version of Roonserver via IOS app with no problems using the WIFI SSID broadcast by the AE.
I can use Roon (running as a remote) on that NUC to connect to Roonserver on the Sonictransporter with no problems

When I use the NUC instance of Roon Remote to connect to the Sonictransporter RoonServer, it connects better than the ios attempt, but it still drops very quickly and exhibits the same characteristics.

The issue revolves around the RoonServer running on the SonicTransporter.
All applications are up to date, all apps are isolated to the one switch, the NUC creates a type of control to validate that the issue isnt the network wired or wireless -
… which leads me to conclude that the issue is hardware or software related to the Sonictransporter.

I have updated the ST software and installed and reinstalled roonserver. I have booted and rebooted the Sonictransporter.

I am bemused and considering returning the STi5, but dont want to give up just yet.

Anybody got any ideas?



i can post the roonserver log if that is any help. it is mighty long?

Hi ukinne66, I wondered if you have been able to resolve your Roon connectivity issue. I have a similar set-up using a SonicTransporter i7 and UltraRendu and a Schiit Yggrasil DAC and continually experiencing dropouts. I am interested to know if you were able to resolve this issue and if so, what the solution was. Thanks!