sonicTransporter Indexing

Hi All,

Just received my basic sonicTransporter from Andrew and I’m very happy with it. It has replace a mac mini that always seemed to have random processing running and sucking up processor resources. Love how simple this machine is. I did notice the background audio analysis was very slow on normal speed. Maybe halfway after nearly 12 hours. Track count is 12,169. Going from Normal to Fast did speed it up and I’m sure it’ll be done by the time I’m home from work this evening but curious as to why.

I will use blackmagic speed tester app when I get home and make sure the drive and 3.0 bus powered enclosure are performing as they should. The file structure on the drive is Music with 3 subfolders of different iTunes libraries I had created on my old system.

The basic sonicTransporter can be a bit slow with a large number of tracks. How many do you have?