SonicTransporter: Issue loading database [fixed]

My SonicTransporter that has been working fine with all versions of v1.3 up to 204. After losing its connection to Tidal over the weekend (which may or may not be related), it is now reporting ‘there was an issue loading your database’ in Mac, iPhone and iPad Roon remotes.

The ST is visible end running using its own web interface and restarting hasn’t cured the problem. It shares an ethernet connection with the Mac, is running its library (about 8,000 tracks) from an attached USB SSD, endpoint is a SonicOrbiter.

I have access to the ST Roon Server Diagnostics - presumable I need to send them through to @support. How?

Hi @Ashley_Clough – I’m guessing you need to follow the steps outlined here:

Information about accessing the database on your Sonic Transporter is here:

Let us know how that goes, ok @Ashley_Clough?

Wow, so quick. Thanks Mike, that’s worked fine.