SonicTransporter keeps losing network connection

Crew, I have an unmanaged switch into which, among other products, I have my SonicTransporter plugged into along with my Bel Canto REFLink renderer. I am finding that the ST is losing its network connection (and thus my Bel Canto DAC disappears as an audio output in Roon). It is easily fixable by unplugging the power from the ST and starting it up again. But then, it loses the network, usually within an hour.

Tiring to deal with. Would like to fix, period.

ST is running v2.3 of its firmware and v1.0.13 of the Sonore uPnP bridge firmware. Sonore uPnP bridge within ST sees the renderer on the network, even though the ST doesn’t report its connection to Roon.

Core is an i7 computer running W2012R with AO.

7 other DACs connected to core either via USB directly to the i7 core server or via RoonBridges using RPi3s. Those are all stable and don’t lose network connectivity.

So this seems to be directly related to the ST itself and Sonore firmware within.

Wisdom appreciated. Thanks. JCR

Hey @Jeffrey_Robbins – just to make sure I’m understanding this, you’re using the Sonic Transporter, but not to run your Core, correct? It’s only connected to the Bel Canto DAC right? How is this configured?

Have you spoken with with Andrew (@agillis) at Small Green Computer about this yet? Just want to make sure I’m understanding the configuration before we look into this further.

I assume you’ve tried the basic tests like changing cables to rule them out as a cause?

Did you do firmware update on the SonicTransporter?

If that does not work. Delete Roon. (All your data should be preserved, but do take a backup). Install Roon.

I also had SonicTransporter i5 problems. They’re gone now.

Still problems ?

Hello, all. Thank you for the various suggestions. Yes, I am running the sonicTransporter as a RoonBridge and not as my core. The sonicTransporter, the i7 server running my core and the Bel Canto REFLink (their ethernet renderer) are all plugged into my unmanaged switch.

The problem with the sonicTransporter seems to have resolved, as the Bel Canto DAC has not lost Roon connectivity for 48 hours now.

I believe that the thing that solved was the suggestion by someone here or over on Computer Audiophile to reboot the sonicTransporter not by unplugging its power, as I had been doing, but by the reboot feature within the web application. I will of course report back if the connectivity crashes again. JCR

OK good to hear you have it working.

Have you tested your SonicTransporter i5 as core ?

It’s interesting to hear if you find Windows better as Roon core.
Is the difference between using AO or not huge ?

Any HQPlayer involved ?

How did you manage to install Roon Brigde SW on a SonicTransporter i5?

I have not tested the sonicTransporter as a core. I really do think that, in the end, my stability issues are related to the complex weave of 802a.11ac repeaters I have scattered throughout our home to move signal into areas without ethernet connectivity. If I lose a Roon bridge at this point, it seems to reconnect on its own.

The i7 server is nice because it allowed me to use 8 cores to analyze my 200K+ size library, and my plan is to run REW measurements for sound correction for my primary multichannel audio setup. I think the i7 processing power will be better for all that. Plus, I have JRiver also running on my i7 server so allow me to use JRemote as an out-of-home way to losslessly access my music content, as Roon can’t do that.

I think AO sounds nicer, but I can’t say that the sound difference is as great as when I moved to using an Ethernet streamer hooked to my USB DAC (both from Bel Canto), as compared to direct connecting the USB DAC to the i7 server via USB. I’ve made the AO investment and certainly use it. Roon, of course, doesn’t work on the full core AO – only on the minimal core mode.

No HQ player.

I didn’t install Roon Bridge on the sonicTransporter. Mine came pre-installed with the Sonore uPnP Bridge software and that is what is running in my big system for Roon connectivity. I use RPi3s as Roon Bridges elsewhere around my home. JCR