Sonore - CD-DA Streaming with Roon/RoonReady

Introducing Sonore’s Compact Disc Digital Audio Streaming with Roon/RoonReady

You guys remember CDs right? According to Wikipedia, “Compact Disc Digital Audio (CDDA or CD-DA), also known as Audio CD, is the standard format for audio compact discs.”

In the past computer audio meant ripping CDs and storing them on your computer or NAS for streaming at a later time. Well from time to time I get nostalgic and just want to spin my CDs. Sonore’s new Compact Disc Digital Audio Streaming allows you to pop a cd into an inexpensive USB optical drive connected to a Rendu and stream its content lossless to another Rendu on your network. You control playback via your computer or iPad as usual using Roon.

Here is the flow diagram:
flow diagram
This is the USB optical drive ($29.99 on Amazon) that I’m using for testing:


  1. USB optical drive connected to a Rendu on the home network. This Rendu needs to be running Sonic Orbiter 2.8 with recent updates via Software Manager. Note the IP Address of this Rendu for use below. *It might be a good idea to fix the IP address of the Rendu with the USB optical drive connected to it in your router’s configuration.
  2. A second Rendu to stream to in RoonReady mode. This unit most me enabled in Roon and selected as the output device.


  1. On the Rendu with the USB optical drive go to Settings / MPD DLNA and Press Save.

  2. On the Rendu with the USB optical drive insert the CD you want to play.

  3. In Roon go to My Live Music

  4. In Roon select Add Station +

  5. In Roon under Manually Add Station select Add Station URL
    Screen Shot 2020-04-05 at 12.21.17 PM

  6. Enter the following URL, but change IP-address to the IP address of your Rendu with the USB optical drive.

  7. You should now see a new My Live Radio station named Sonore local CD
    Screen Shot 2020-04-05 at 12.34.15 PM

  8. Select the Sonore local CD station and press Play Now.

  9. Enjoy!

Good idea. Bryston has a similar setup with their BDP-3 and BOT-1 USB CD drive.

You can already do this with a Roon extension that’s not limited to require a microrendu.

They appear similar. What they appear to be doing is using MPDs built in local CD-DA player which has been around for as long as I can remember. This extension to the Rendu capabilities can send the audio from the CD to any Rendu or other UPnP devices on the home network. It can also play audio as described above via Roon and Roon Ready devices.

I didn’t talk about this application’s other features until my previous post because this is primarily a Roon forum. However, Roon is not required at all to use this feature. Post a link to the Roon extension project that supports CD playback.

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Here is a photo of the system in action streaming Jazz at the Pawn Shop (disk 1) to my Signature Rendu SEopt. I placed the Rendu on top of the drive to give it some mass. Any Rendu will perform just as well. BTW This Dell drive is inexpensive and very quiet so I was able to located the combination out in the open right in my audio room.

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Here is a prototype I built streaming music to an ultraRendu.

I’ve been trying to do this. If I point a browser at the address it offers to download the link (on an iPad) but Roon Radio says “can’t find a radio station at that location”.

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me too :joy: :joy: help, please!