Sonore Microrendu v1.5

Has anyone tried the Sonore Microrendu V1.5 yet? I am migrating my Auralic Aries Mini to a secondary system and I will get an endpoint device to use with my main stereo system. I want an endpoint that will sound better than the Aries Mini with an sBooster power supply. I am considering the Sonore Microrendu 1.5 and the Allo Digione Signature. With either system, I would get a linear power supply.

Based upon numerous reviews, I feel confident that that Digione Signature would be an improvement, but there is not much information on the new Microrendu v1.5. I can deal with the idiosyncrasies of a Raspberry PI, but I prefer to keep things as simple as possible, which is why the Mircorendu is appealing to me.

Thanks for your input.


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I have the Allo USBridge Signature with optional DigiOne Signature and Shanti LPS. I’ve tried one of the previous microRendu’s in this system, and I’d say the sound is very similar. I suspect that the software on the microRendu is a bit more stable (Allo has been making some breaking changes lately, but workarounds are available). Overall, I’m quite pleased with the Allo, and I appreciate being able to switch between USB and S/PDIF, depending on what works best with the DAC I’m evaluating.

If you’re in the US, has an Allo section that may save you time/money with shipping:

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